ZBrush Guides – Mastering The UV Master

We share this interesting resource free download of Zbrush by Pablo Munoz Gomez, for all 3D artists who want to deepen the use of UV in Zbrush in this excellent guide. A Guide To: Mastering The UV Master.

In addition we report these three books of which we have purchased a copy, to have absolutely:

In this guide, you will learn how to use the ZBrush: UV Master plugin. as well as some of the various features and processes for unwrapping 3D objects.

In the tutorial you will be guided step-by-step through the process of generating UV maps that can be used for your models. In the ZBrush Guide – Mastering The UV Master guide, we explain some of the key concepts to understand the automated nature of UV Master operation.

Along with some tips and suggestions related to the UV Master plug-in, some resources that may be useful are shared.

Level: Beginner, intermediate and expert.


The complete High-res eBook Tutorial in PDF format
3 ZTools testing objects (orc creature)
1 UV Master Guide summary mind map in PDF format
5 Tileable skin textures in .jpg format
1 PSD file including the constructions layers of a skin texture
1 Custom checkered texture to check UV layout
All these items ares compressed into a single RAR file.


zbrush-guides-mastering-the-uv-master> Download ZBrush Guides for Free


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