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We share the incredible resource released by Pablander you can download PDFs and project files.


A Guide to: Feathers Creazione in ZBrush

In this guide we will see the process of creating a feather from scratch. You will also find some tips you might find useful and some resources that you can reuse for other projects.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.


  • Free high resolution eBooks
  • 1 ZTool with feathers
  • 3 feathers Mesh
  • 2 Fibremesh settings
  • 2 alpha feathers
  • 3 hand-painted feathers (texture for fibremesh)
  • My GroomFeathersGap brush
  • My feathers InserMultiMesh brush
  • My InsertMultiMesh feathers brush (random)


ZBrush Skin Material & Single Pass BPR

With this tutorial, you will learn how to create a skin material in ZBrush through a single rendering step with BPR.

You will see the process of creating a skin material in ZBrush from scratch. Going beyond the various settings necessary to create the 4 shaders that make up the material helping you with the setting so you can reuse it for other projects.
Taking a look at the settings for rndering a document, lighting installation, rendering settings, filters and adjustments.

Level: intermediate and expert.


  • Free eBooks in high resolution
  • The final skin Shader
  • 1 ZTool with a structured and detailed demo test head
  • 1 ZTool of the creature bonus sketch


Wet Clay Material and Rendering Tutoria

In this tutorial, the workflow of the author is explained, to obtain the graphic appearance of clayey materials in ZBrush.
The tutorial can be divided into three main areas:

Tools and techniques for modeling and simulating a clay sculpture material
The step-by-step creation of clayey materials
Lighting and rendering of the final model
Level: beginner, intermediate and expert.


The total high resolution eBook

  • 3D models to test your materials
  • Finished clay materials to use with your projects
  • Light configurations you can import our projects
  • Texture and bump maps
  • Custom brushes for modeling



Creating Dreadlocks With Fibermesh

In this tutorial, you’ll see one of the methods used in ZBrush to create a very specific thing: Dreadlocks. workflow, method and suggestions However, it can be applied to get a completely different thing.

The tutorial focuses only on creating dreadlocks using fibermesh and some simple basic geometry. is a PDF with 23 pages with some detailed description and a lot of images of the process. (If you are an experienced user or ZBrush aware of Fibermesh you can scan through the document quickly by reading the words in yellow and that should give you a general idea about the steps).

Level: beginner, intermediate and expert.


The total high resolution eBook
A folder with resources to create dreadlocks

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