Tutorial: how to work with Substance Painter and Octane C4D

More and more digital artists rely on Substance Painter as the main tool for painting their texturing. Substance Painter software developed by Allegorithmic, is a new generation software specialized in 3D painting and texturing.

Substance Painter is a hybrid of bitmap-based procedural textures. In digital painting it seems to be an extraordinary tool that allows artists to develop incredible materials, using procedural effects, with a set of painting tools that are easy to use.

This is probably why not a few C4D artists are incorporating Substance Painter into the workflow.

In these videos Brandon Clements gives us a fairly comprehensive introduction to start working with Substance Painter. Illustrating the workflow from Substance Painter to Cinema 4D and Octane for rendering. Brandon has also created the same type of tutorials with Substance Designer, which aims to help people better understand a PBR workflow with the Substance Designer, C4D and Octane Render.

In this Tutorial we will see how to create Texture in Substance Painter and render 3d scenes in Octane Render in C4D.

Substance Painter Intro Part 1 – ID Map

Substance Painter Intro Part 2 – Baking Mesh Data

Substance Painter Intro Part 3 – UI and Project Setupa

Substance Painter Intro Part 4 – Fill and Paint Layers

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