Winter Forest Pack for Unreal Engine

If you are working on a winter scene, check out this pack of a winter forest, released for free download, complete with control of the snow on the ground, water, trees, grass, and plants of the scene, with a set-up of customizable materials that can be dynamically changed with parameters in the Unreal Engine.

This scene is set to dynamically manage each ice element in the 3d scene, for example, you can use the Snow Amount parameter to add the snow cover on the parts of the landscape and manage the snow on the various sections of the non-snowy 3d scene.

In the set up it can add parts of snow on the trees and freeze the water, with a dedicated parameter on the water temperature control going to manage the 3d ice of the water.

Don’t miss this Free Winter Forest Pack!

Take in mind, that the package is free until the end of January so hurry up.

Download Winter Forest Pack for UE

In the Winter Forest pack:

  • Snow landscape Material.
  • Material for static meshes with dynamic snow cover.
  • Dynamic icicles Material.
  • Foliage Material with wind Animation.
  • Customizable water Material.
  • Demo level shows how to use different assets.
  • 4 trees
  • 3 stones
  • 10 grass types
  • 1 bush
  • 1 snowflakes particles system



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