What’s Behind the PlayStation 5 teaser style

The long-awaited launch video teaser of the new Play Station 5 console was revealed during the PS5 live event, showing the new elegant look in the digital edition, through the incredible CG particle animation of the PS5 Reveal Trailer.

What’s Behind the PlayStation 5 teaser style?

From the first seconds of the PS5 teaser, I immediately recognize the style of “Computations experimental art film” from Maxim Zhestkov.

How to recreate the PlayStation 5 teaser in Houdini?

Let’s a look this interesting live-stream video by John Kunz, he dives into the Houdini techniques recreating the the amazing PS5 particles animation in SideXF Houdini. Enjoy!

PS5 Reveal Recreation | part 1

PS5 Reveal Recreation | part 2

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

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