Village Fire Pack includes a Houdini + UE5 files

We are sharing on 3DArt this gorgeous Village Fire Pack released by SideFX, a new pack containing VFX for Unreal Engine which AAA quality fire and smoke assets made by technical VFX artist Ben Christensen.

The fire pack includes fire and smoke effects made in Houdini, which can be used for EU projects.

The pack includes a Houdini file with smoke presets used in the Village Fire tech demo, shown during Unreal’s recent live stream titled “The Magic of Houdini”. In addition, the package includes a simplified Unreal Engine 5 project that shows the assets in the game.

The Magic of Houdini simulation imported in EU5 worklow

Please note that the geometry of the environment provided with the UE5 Fire Pack project is intended to help define the fire resources with what you see in the demonstration video. The geometry of the environment itself is not usable as a game asset and is not intended for redistribution.

Download Village Fire | Scene File | HIP | 1.8 GB 

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