View Layers in Blender 2.8 Tutorial

Let’s play with the new View Layer system in Blender 2.8, tutorial by Jacob Swing  In View Layer system the renders can be separated into layers, to composite them back together afterwards.

How to use the Blender’s render layer system View Layers?

Some example usages are applying compositing effects to characters separately, blurring the background and foreground layers separately for depth of field, or rendering different lighting variations of the same scene.

How to use View Layers in Blender?

Why to use View Layers in Blender 2.8?

Using View Layers can also save you from having to re-render your entire image each time you change something, allowing you to instead re-render only the layer(s) that you need, this will improve your workflow times.

Jacob Swing

Jacob Swing is a freelance VFX artist, photographer, videographer, and occasional youtube tutorial maker. Currently, Jacob is working towards his master’s degree in Digital Media with a focus in feature length animation.

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