VHS Glitch Tutorial in Nuke

Hi Guys, don’t miss this cool Tutorial, let’s see how to create VHS Glitch in Nuke by Chris Turner.

Chris Turner is a Visual Effects artist, work ad digital compositor at ILM. In this tutorial, Chris will show us how to create a VHS glitch effect using Nuke without an external plugin, using different nodes to create noise, distortion, scanlines and wave expressions. Enjoy!

VHS Glitch Tutorial Pt. 1: Noise, Distortion, Scanlines and Wave Expressions

VHS Glitch Tutorial Pt. 2: Chroma Split, Wave Expressions, Procedural Value Manipulation

VHS Glitch case study
Further reading:

Gamma/grading math: compositormathematic.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/gamma-contrast/
Nuke expressions: learn.foundry.com/nuke/8.0/content/user_guide/expressions/adding_math_functions.html
Waves: cameroncarson.com/nuke-wave-expressions

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