Utilizzare Mesh Tracking Tools in Blender

Jakub Zolcik releases some video tutorials on how to use the Mesh Tracking Tools in Blender,
in the video he shows us how to create the frame effect, and how to make a face traking by applying scars or post production elements on a video shot.

Jakub Zolcik is the creator of the Mesh Tracking tools for Blender, which will allow you to easily create basic effects in the movie clip editor entirely in Belnder.

To install Mesh Tracking Tools freely download this .zip:

Blender 2.63 version: allblue.pl/mtt.zip
Blender 2.62 version: allblue.pl/mtt262.zip
da installare nella cartellaAddons  in Blender.

Check out these amazing videos!

Mesh Tracking Tools


Mesh Tracking Tools Tutorial 1 (Tracking Frames)


Mesh Tracking Tools Tutorial 2 (Face Scar Effect/”Out Of Bounds Effect”)



Mesh Tracking Tools Tutorial 2a (Face Morphing Effect)


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