Un’esperienza 3D per rivelare come gli animali vedono il mondo

Here is news that all animal lovers will love. Have you ever wondered how your four-legged friends see you? Well, now you will find out.
Indeed, the French company Dassault Systèmes has given life to the ‘All Eyes on Paris’ project, a real-time 3D experience that allows people to see through the eyes of different animals, such as mice, bees, cats, dogs and hawks.
Based on scientific data, this game simulates the vision of animals allowing the user to immerse themselves in an interactive 3D environment. To learn while having fun, the project includes mini-games for each animal and the player will have to move within the game environment with the visual constraints of the chosen animal. Users are invited to connect to a dedicated community and share, discuss and chat about their gaming experience.

There is a big difference between human vision and that of other animals. Human beings can see in great detail while cats, for example, cannot perceive the color red, but are able to monitor movement perfectly, since they have a field of view that reaches 280°. Dogs can see in a similar way to cats and have five times better night vision than humans Bees have a multitude of small independent eyes, so they can see multiple color frequencies (useful for them to distinguish between different plants ) compared to humans.

By clicking on this link you can see for yourself. You will need to install the free 3DVIA player.


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