Twinmotion for Autodesk Revit

Epic Games is pleased to announce a new strategic collaboration with Autodesk and Twinmotion. They are teaming up to accelerate immersive real-time experiences across industries, starting with architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). Autodesk intends to make Twinmotion for Revit available to all Revit customers as part of an upcoming release.

By working together, they wants remove technical barriers and make it easier than ever before for creators to produce the next generation of content and experiences across design, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Epic and Autodesk join forces to accelerate the archviz real-time experiences

With Twinmotion, Revit users can easily bring their designs to life and create high-quality visualizations in a fast, interactive design process. Everything from stills and animations to immersive VR is possible.
Learn more about the Epic Games and Autodesk collaboration here: /epic-and-autodesk-join-forces-to-accelerate-real-time-experiences/

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