Twinmotion 2023.1 new interface

Epic Games has released Twinmotion 2023.1, Preview 2 of its next major release of real-time visualization software for architecture.

This new release of Twinmotion 2023.1 finds a new software interface to simplify access to common tools and adds support for decals, volumetric fog, multi-GPU rendering, and video denoising reduction in the path tracer.

Epic Games releases Twinmotion 2023.1 Preview 2 Overview

Preview 1, released in December, added support for LED walls for virtual production, moved VR headset support to OpenXR, and overhauled Twinmotion’s material system. Twinmotion is an easy-to-use tool designed to allow architects with limited 3D experience to create still or animated visualizations of their buildings.

Import models in a range of standard 3D file formats or via live links to CAD applications. Users can then create background environments from a library of stock assets and assign lights.

Epic Games releases Twinmotion 2023.1 Preview 1 Overview

Atmospheric properties, including clouds, rain and snow, and ambient lighting based on geographic location and time of day, can be adjusted using slider-based controls.

Twin Motion uses a real-time rendering process, where users can move around, interact and even change the scene.

The VR visualization process is already available in real time, it allows the Oculus glasses to move and interact with the Twinmotion 3D scene through the viewer.

Real-time rendering also offers a variety of visual effects, such as dynamic lighting, shadows, light reflection, transparency, darkness, and color management, which help make scenes more believable and realistic.

Twin Motion includes a number of advanced features, such as the ability to create animated 3D scenes, create special effects, material management, and real-time navigation within the scene. Twin Motion is a powerful and very versatile tool that allows users to create professional quality virtual and augmented reality content.

Thanks to its architecture based on real-time rendering, users can create realistic and engaging content quickly and efficiently. It’s a great tool for developers who want to create high-end VR and Augmented Reality content, totally free.

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