Tutorial Vellum Grain Character Disintegration

Hi guys, today we want to share on 3DArt, the incredible Houdini tutorial release by John Kunz, digital artist, with incredible work experience in feature films, advertising, commercials and music videos.

How to create a Character Disintegration in Houdini?

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to create an incredible character disintegration using vellum in Houdini.
John Kunz explains some advanced Houdini techniques, the tutorial is recommended for an advanced user, however, John’s teaching skills are clear and easy to follow, for each level user.
Thank you very much for this tutorial!

00:00 Project Overview
01:23 Simulation Adjustment
11:37 Rendering Grains as Particles with HDRI
18:50 Sand Grain Shape Modeling
29:27 Copying Grain Variants as Packed Primitives
49:12 Building Redshift Sand Grain Shaders
1:05:15 Applying Grain Instancing Workflow to the Character
1:15:13 Setting up Studio Lighting
1:28:52 Reviewing Final Results
1:34:17 Thank You to my Subscribers on Twitch!

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