RealFlow & Cinema 4D: Workflow for Fluid Simulations

RealFlow & Cinema 4D: The new fluid simulation workflow

The Next Limit Technologies team recently released the RealFlow version for Cinema 4D. This integration now allows you to get the best of fluid simulation directly within c4d. With RealFlow Dyverso Fluids inside RealFlow Cinema4D you get the best quality in small and medium sized simulations.
A big advantage of this new integration is the simplified and flexible and fully manageable workflow within Cinema 4D, using the native modifiers and tools of the program combined with RealFlow.
In this hour-long RealFlow for C4D video tutorial released by pixeltrain expert Helge Maus who shows us the workflow and all the new features of RealFlow in Cinema 4D available to users.

Why use RealFlow in Cinema 4D?
The best of fluid simulations

RealFlow in Cinema 4D is based on Dyverso Fluids – so you get the best of fluid simulation, with a simple workflow.

Simplified workflow

Forget about going back and forth between 3D platforms, now with RealFlow in Cinema 4D there’s no need to worry.

Fully integrated toolkits

Now you can use native Cinema 4D modifiers and tools and combine them with RealFlow.

high speed simulations

RealFlow in Cinema 4D uses GPU speed, supporting CUDA and OpenCL.

RealFlow | Cinema 4D Video by Mario Hill

What can we do with RealFlow in Cinema 4D

You can download and try RealFlow demo from this link:
Particle-Object Interaction, we can use RealFlow nodes together with Cinema 4D tools such as colliders
C4D splines as RF particle paths, we can use the splines made in Cinema 4D and use them as fluid paths in RealFlow
C4D materials as emission masks, we can use Cinema 4D materials and textures for RealFlow fluid particles emitters
Crown splashes on demand, creating and customizing crown splashes is now very quick and easy
Use RF directly with C4D Mograph, we can convert RF into thinking particles, using particle instance and tracer object
Visible fluids on objects, we can use collision maps during simulations and render the effect
Super-fast meshing, fast and simple configuration of the mesh engine based in OpenVDB library.

Download RealFlow for Cinema 4D

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