The Last Bite sells the frames of the movie

Over the past two years, we have witnessed a growth in the sales of Digital Artworks, reaching incredible selling prices that now reach tens of millions of dollars, through the sale of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

In March, auction house Christie sold a digital art in NFT work by Mike “Beeple” Winklemann entitled “Everyday’s: The First 5,000 Days”, for a record of $69.3 million in NFT.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” and is a digital certificate of authenticity, which assigns a unique value to a digital product, such as a work of art or a music file, based on Blockchain technology.

Now you can get a frame from The Last Bite movie in NFT here➡️! Once the frames of the film have been purchased, the authors will eliminate those frames and replace them with a black frame.

The crypto art technology with NFT has also been adopted for arthouse films, such as in the case of the film “The Last Bite” art-house feature film, produced by and distributed on Amazon, which sells frame of the film (Frame # 83220 here at this link) in NFT on the Rarible platform.

Once the frames are purchased, the authors will delete the frames from the film, the owner of the NFT file will access the high-resolution image of the frame and have access to the full HD version of the film.

The film is about Carlos, a troubled artist living in London, who one day meets Veronica, an otherworldly woman who will change his way of seeing reality. The director and the authors decide to take advantage of this new NFT technology to create a unique and involutionary work of art, where the growth of black frames in the film’s scenes will lead to the total absence of the film.


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