The Last Bite – an art-house micro-budget feature film

Hi Guys, is a partner for the new film project going to produce this summer: “The Last Bite“.
The project is a micro-budget film, directed by Sebastiano Pupino, starring Carlos Carvalho.
Inspired by Lynch and Bergman, set in London.

 This is a low budget project and it will be totally self-financed.
For those who want to help us in the realisation of the project, just go to:…/the-last-bite-an-art-house-mi…

The Project

The Last Bite is a a micro-budget experimental – full art-house – drama film by Sebastiano Pupino. In 2016 he directed Gadget ( Watch it here! ), a sci-fi revolving around our increasing addiction to technology which was an amazing success. Gadget premiere has been held at 42nd Boston Sci-fi Film Festival and screened in many others ( Phoenix Film Festival, Philip K. Dick Film Festival, etc. ).

The Last Bite revolves around Carlos, a 3D artist stranded in London. Carlos struggles between the difficulties of modern human relationships and the unavoidable ghosts from his past. Everything changes when Carlos meets Veronica, a woman not properly coming from our world…

The Last Bite is an art-house feature film – although there’s a clear story line with a strong main character, most of the film is heavily experimental and will involve amazing VFX created by Emanuele Serra.

Sometimes a modern drama, sometimes a surrealist film – The Last Bite will try to answer some questions about why we do the things that we do.

Creativity, inspiration and improvisation are the keywords for the entire production.

We would like to create something different from the mainstream market and produce an art piece which will eventually be featured in high-profile film festivals.


S.P. will produce and direct the film ( IMDB – Vimeo ) – with more than 10 years experience in filmmaking, S.P.  moved from Italy to London in order to produce his new films.

Emanuele Serra will produce and create amazing VFX

Emanuele Serra and S.P. already produced together “RAMDAM – a cinematic VR experience” 

Carlos Carvalho will play the lead male role of Carlos – he recently debuted in Portugal as the lead for the major theatre play “26 de ABRIL”

Gaetano “Jack” Assisi will be the DOP  and will give the right amount of surreal look to the film.

Luciana Andriano will be the Make Up Artist ( Website ) – Luciana is a Celebrity Makeup Artist with experience in hair stylist. Her career started 10 years ago in the beauty industry in Italy. Currently working for Nike and Adidas adverts and teaching at St. Martins College and at SS makeup academy.

Felix Mercer will compose the main theme and feature in the film as a guest star ( Listen to his sounds ) – Felix is an experienced musician and no other human words can express how talented he is.


The Last Bite will be shot entirely in London in a span of 3 days. We already have part of the budget but we still need more resources in order to cover expenses for the days of principal photography. Part of the finances will go to the post-production, which will take about 3 months.


Principal photography will happen in Summer 2018. The Last Bite is set to premiere in London in January 2019.


How can you make a micro-budget feature film? 

We’ve calculated the minimum amount of budget necessary for a 3 days shoot with every expenses and cast & crew salaries covered. Plus a small amount will go to the post-production.

Are there any other actors involved? 

Yes, but we are still in the process of auditions.

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