“In a remote future, everyone is connected to the augmented reality. You are M.C. , enjoy the ride.”

We were waiting for you since a long time…
In 2016 we shot a cinematic VR experience called “The 4th Room”.

It took us almost 5 years of post-production in order to re-create the complex VFXs required by the narrative. We are finally ready to release to the world “The 4th Room” but we’re doing it only where virtual reality has a reason to exist: the NFT metaverse.
We will start an auction for the one and only digital copy existing of “The 4th Room” – it will be up to the future owner what to do with it: re-sell it to another viewer, upload it to share it with other people, or destroy it forever.

“The 4th Room” is a 360 degrees short film about transhumanism and how technology will eventually infiltrate into our brain to enlighten us or, from another perspective, annihilate ourselves.

The auction will go live in 1 month on Rarible on this page: https://rarible.com/token/0x60f80121c31a0d46b5279700f9df786054aa5ee5:1366682?tab=bids
The 4th Room” is a cinematic VR experience made by Sebastiano Pupino and Emanuele Serra.

Featuring Alvaro Flores as Diego_Bot

Soundtrack by Samuele Strufaldi

for more info: www.null-film.com

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