Hi guys, don’t miss this interesting video released during the 3D and Motion Design Show by Arturo Wong. In this video, we’ll see some VFX Techniques create in Cinema 4D, Redshift, and Red Giant.

How to create a Knitting system using cloner and effector?

Arturo Wong is an Emmy, Promax, and Telly Award winner 3D Generalist based in Los Angeles, California.
He has worked professionally for over a decade on major commercial projects, graphic packages, and re-branding packages such as ESPN, Miami Dolphins, CBS4, CBS Sports, HBO, Nissan, Miami Heat, and more.

Arturo Wong show you VFX techniques in Cinema 4D, Redshift, and Red Giant!

When it comes to 3D there is nothing he enjoys more than to find the magic behind the trick, the how of things work.

The 3D and Motion Design Show – Arturo Wong


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