Stylizing Shading and Lighting in Substance to Maya

Hey 3D Artists, let’s start the week with this shading and lighting tutorial series, in Substance to Maya.
Today starting the two-part tutorial we will start in Substance Painter, in the first tutorial we’ll learn how to create advanced shaders and textures, in the second part of this video we’ll enter in Maya and show you, how to bring everything together to really create nice rendering with a stylistic look.
We will place the lights and creating some fur elements for the final rendition.

Tutorial shared by Arvid Schneider, Senior Visual Effects Artists working for Industrial Light and Magic in Vancouver, BC as Lighting and LookDev TD.

How to create Shading and Lighting in Substance Painter?

In this tutorial, you’ll earn Stylized shading techniques in this Substance Painter tutorial, if you’ve ever used Photoshop, Substance Painter is the perfect tool to paint and create unique texture and shader of your 3d model.

Stylizing Textures in Substance Painter – Planteater Part 1

Stylizing Shading and Lighting | Substance to Maya – Planteater Part 2

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