Print your 3D gun

We are witnessing an incredible evolution in the industry and innovation of new 3D printing technologies in recent years. Today, in fact, we have the ability to print 3D objects on any type of support and material.

The product that the Texan company, “Solid Concepts”, decided to print was the copy of a Colt 45mm M1911 pistol (replica of the service pistol in the US Army) the first to be made in steel with a printer 3D. The company then tested the weapon by firing several shots, demonstrating the quality and accuracy of the 3D printed copy. The copy of the Colt 45, is divided by 33 stainless steel parts with a carbon fiber handle.

In a few years we will see a real commercial use of these technologies, entering every application of daily life. If we try to imagine a future according to the example that the Texan company offered us, in a few years we will read on the advertising signs of the shops: “Print your 3D gun in 30 seconds”, or “Print the gun of your super favorite hero”. Commercial and social scenarios that will change our lives, for now we hope to see the use of this new technology in more “human” examples, perhaps using it for social purposes.

Article by Emanuele Serra

Ecco la prima pistola in 3D tutta in metallo

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