3D PRINTING and ULTRASOUND to accelerate healing

We had already seen some time ago how 3d printing was the future for replacing the classic “gypsum” used to treat injuries, now we have a new version of the prototype.
A Turkish design student has presented his revolutionary plaster for patients, the mold made with 3D printing, allows you to treat injuries faster and easier, with ventilation holes in the “plaster” so as to avoid itching and unpleasant odors.

Now in addition to 3D Printing technologies, we have the possibility of applying an ultrasound system that can be attached to the ventilation holes, if connected to the 3D cast this system further accelerates the healing process.

To fit a patient’s arm perfectly, the damaged area is scanned with a 3D body scanner. This data is then transferred to modeling software, which determines the size and geometry.

Once printed, a mechanism generates added algorithms to make the holes and applied a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (Lipus) bone stimulator is then placed directly on the patient’s skin when the project has been printed.

3D-Print uses ultrasound to speed up healing.



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