Spider-Verse – free Maya Animation Rig

Hi Animator, we are sharing today on 3DArt, this amazing Spider-Verse 3D Character model rigged in Maya, shared by Arthurnal Animator.
If you are looking for a new character to put on your animation demo reel, you can download the Spiderman Rig for free and start animating through the 3D rig!

Spider-Verse Rig is Free, let’s start to Animate!

The model is rigged in Maya ready to use, the 3D character is well modeled, made by Iamwat Missu and Yanin Ruamsuk.

Spider-Verse – (free) Maya Animation Rig – Test

How to Install the Rig system:

1 Download the file

Download Spider-Verse free Maya Animation Rig

2 Unzip the files on your Desktop

3 Open MAYA_mGear.cmd in Notepad and Edit to match your file path

4 Open the Project:

  1. Double Click on MAYA_mGear.cmd
    2 Open Maya (you can see on the menu mGear section)
    3 Open the Spider Verse Rig (SpiderVerse_ready07.ma) in Maya

5 Let’s start to Animate!

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