Speed Compositing in Foundry Nuke

Don’t miss this work created for Far Cry New Dawn Teaser, Nuke compositing time-lapse created by Fire Without Smoke and directed by Paul Dixon. VFX Supervisor: Hugo Guerra (Hugo’s Desk), Compositing: Hugo Guerra and Bjorn Omar Gudmundsson, Matte Painting: David Gibbons, Junior Compositing: Joakim Engstrom.

Speed Compositing in Foundry Nuke – Far Cry New Dawn Teaser

Nuke compositing time-lapse was created during the work for Far Cry New Dawn teaser created by Fire Without Smoke and directed by Paul Dixon.

It includes every single tweak, test, feedback, adjustment, and versions of the comp. In this video, you can see how we approach the shot but you also get to watch the “evolution” and it’s a development from the RAW plate to final delivery to the client.

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01:03 – Breakdown
01:35 – Conform and Plates
02:11 – Lens Grids
03:09 – 3D Tracking
06:38 – Keying
09:49 3D Projection
14:35 – More Keying
17:15 – Back to the Comp
27:33 – Lens Flare
28:56 – Back to the comp
35:38- Testing the bomb
36:28 – Testing the heat haze
36:41 – Testing the flash
37:14 – Testing more bombs
38:48 – Making the flash
40:50 – Back to the bomb
41:46 – CG Composting of the bomb
53:12 – Heat Displacement
54:00 – testing some fire
57:36 – Lens Displacement
59:59 – Render pre-comps
1:00:21- Final adjustment
1:01:18 – Final shot

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