Softbodies in Houdini Tutorial

Hi guys, in this tutorial we’ll see how to use Vellum softbodies in Houdini.

How to create Softbody in Houdini?

The Vellum Strut Softbody tool uses a collection of random struts that are formed between opposite interior points to create a rough form of volume preservation. This is similar to connecting opposing points with toothpicks to hold it apart, which in some poking artifacts. It also uses the original geometry to do the simulation.

The Vellum Tetrahedral Softbody tool will polyreduce, remesh to create a low-res proxy, and tetrahedralize the input geometry before simulation.

Once the tetrahedral mesh is created, distance constraints are created along each edge to act as springs to maintain the general shape of the object and volume constraints are created to maintain the volume of each tetrahedron preventing the tets from collapsing in on themselves.

Once the simulation is done, a Point Deform is used to automatically capture and deform the geometry.

Softbody in Houdini Tutorial



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