Soft Body Dynamics Inflation Using Fields C4D

In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ is going to show you how to control softbody dynamic inflation simulations using Mograph Fields as well as how to easily model seams!

00:18 – Shoutout to Josh Edwards
03:01 – Covering Soft Body Dynamics springs settings
04:40 – Key soft body inflation settings
08:16 – Adding Vertex Maps
12:21 – Controlling dynamics with Fields
15:04 – Preventing soft body dynamics issues
19:41 – Adding edge selections to Vertex Maps
22:18 – Adding seams using Bevel Deformer
26:00 – Adding Random Fields for organic inflation
27:10 – Other examples of soft body dynamic inflation uses
32:02 – Adding Displacers to add wrinkles to objects
36:26 – Recap

Download Project Files:

Massive thanks to Josh Edwards from BUCK Sydney for sharing this technique:

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