Smooth Dynamic Camera Rig in Cinema 4D

Hi guys, let’s check this tutorial to manage a camera rig in Cinema 4D, tutorial by Daniel Danielsson.

How to create a fluid animation in C4D?
This is a nifty trick to have up your sleeve to make any camera smooth as silk in Cinema 4D, using a Constraint tag of all things. Actually you can really use it to make any animation in C4D fluid.

How to create a smooth Camera Rig in Cinema 4D?

How to make a Smooth Dynamic Camera Rig in Cinema 4D

The topics touched:
00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Showing a finished camera move.
00:36 – Making a guide spline for the camera
01:04 – Making a camera follow a spline (using Align to Spline)
01:16 – Adding a target object to the camera
03:02 – Making the Align to Spline speed even (using a MoSpline)
04:06 – Smoothing out the Camera Move using the Constraint tag
05:38 – Adding pre calculation time for the Constraint tag to catch up
06:15 – Give your camera a more handheld look in Spring setting
06:37 – Get some Process of Motion
07:02 – Big toodles

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