Sliced Gold Loop C4D tutorial

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a loop animations in Cinema 4D, made by Elijah Kopylov.
In Elijah Kopylov’s tutorial, we will see how to manage the animation, using a visual trick and using soft bodies in the part that shows an animation of the objects cut in Cinema 4D, the technique uses to make it appear that objects are cut.

How to create an animation loop in C4D?

Kopylov uses soft bodies in simulating the fall of cut objects creating this interesting effect. Using Boolean objects and C4D masks that are taken to hide and show the difference between solid objects and those affected in the scene.

Sliced Gold Loop Cinema 4D tutorial – Part I

Sliced Gold | Cinema 4D tutorial – Part II

This second part is more of a breakdown rather than a precise step by step tutorial. Hope you enjoy it.

Sliced Gold | Cinema 4D tutorial – Part III

The last part of the series breaks down how I did the lighting and texturing of the scene (result may differ slightly from the original as I recreated the scene for the tutorial sake).



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