SideFX Houdini 201 – Dynamics & Fracture – corso

SideFX Houdini is one of the most complete software for making movies or images in CGI. Its field of application is mainly focused for the Visual FX sector and its node and procedural structure make it a very versatile and powerful application used in all the production pipelines of Hollywood and beyond.

In this course will be addressed the theme of Dynamics and fracture and in particular we will focus on Rigid Body (RBD) simulations, as fractures of the objects with the various operators (Booleans, Voronoi Fracture, Voronoi Fracture Points, VDB) and also how to use some constraints and solvers not properly of the Rigids Body world.

Trailer {VFXandGO} – SideFX Houdini 201 – Dynamics & Fracture
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To learn the basic knowledge of Houdini’s concepts, interface, the main tools and texturing is required. For this reason, we recommend the vision of the first and subsequent chapters of the 100 series (hence SideFX Houdini 101, 102 and 103) before approaching this chapter. If you want, the bundle with both courses on Gumroad is also available for download

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