Hi 3D Artists, let’s start the week on how to use shadow in your composition! In this video lesson released by Joe Lawrence (You And Me Academy), you will learn the shadows fundamentals, how shadows work and how you can use them to your advantage to tell your story through images in your 3d scenes.

Shadow is a massive topic to cover but there are a few fundamentals everyone should know.

The lesson Joe divided into two parts, in shadows fundamentals Part 1 we will go through some theory, on practical examples, what are the emotions you want to create in your composition, what the story you want to tell, the shadow can be used to your advantage in your project.

How to use shadow in your composition?

In shadows fundamentals Part 2, we’ll see how to achieve a good shadow effect in 3d, in this case, Joe uses Cinema 4D and Redshift to play with the lighting and shadow, but you can use all program you need like Blender, Maya or 3DS Max. In part 2, we’ll go through the quality shadow, light direction, light position & size and the texture of the shadow.

Understand How Shadows Work (All 3D Programs)

0:00​ – Intro
1:47​ – Theory
2:18​ – Create Shape
4:00​ – Tell A Story
6:37​ – Emotions
10:05​ – Shadow Quality
12:27​ – Light Direction
14:14​ – Light Position & Size
16:49​ – Texture
17:43​ – Part 2, 3D Examples
25:12​ – Create Detail

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