Script – BrickIt for Maya

BrickIt will allow you to build quickly and easily Lego models in Maya with the same feeling than in real-life!

Be aware that is the first version of BrickIt everything is working fine and there is already a lot of basic bricks. The script will be updated frequentley with new bricks and feature in the coming months.

BrickIt – Lego Creation Script for Maya – Trailer

Download Script – BrickIt for Maya


Be aware that’s for now :

– There not all bricks library.

– There no decals system.

– There no Minifig.

– Brick are not geometrie/uv editable.

– BrickIt can only work with Arnold.

Features to come :

– Frequent addition of new bricks

– More Materials

– Technic Library

– Decals Tab

– Minifig Tab

– Timelapse animation

BrickIt is only working on Maya 2018 and higher for Windows, MacOs and Linux.
You need to have at least Arnold Mtoa 3.1.1 (for aiRoundCorner node).

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