Sci-Fi Industrial Zone 3D Competition Winners Announcement

The winners of the latest contest, the Sci-Fi Industrial Zone 3D Competition organized by Hum3D. , have been announced. The goal of the contest was to design and create a highly detailed and captivating 3D environment in a sci-fi style, filled with elements of science fiction and industrial design.

Participants were challenged to create 3D scenes set in space, on a space station, or in a massive production facility, power plant, or high-tech space refinery.

The 3D Art Challenge for 3D Artists was promoted by Hum3D, who offered incredible prizes for first, second, and third place. Winners have the chance to receive licenses from Autodesk, OctaneRender, and Maxon, Substance 3D, TopoGun, KeyShot, 3DCoat, InstaLOD, and many other amazing prizes.

1# First place is Recreation before the war by Ruming Cao

He also gets team picks Fox Renderfarm and RebusFarm.
Made with 3ds Max, Mari, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Zbrush, RizomUV, Marvelous Designer, and Fusion360.

This is undoubtedly the scene that impressed me the most. From the composition to the abundance of details in the sci-fi-style environment modeling, the buttons, the monitor’s interface, the textures, and the materials are incredible. My eye keeps jumping from detail to detail; I could spend hours looking at it. Truly excellent work.”

2# Second place is Interplanetary Pioneers by Todor Vladev

Furthermore the author receives a special award from the Chaos team for the “Best rendering using V-ray”.
Made using 3ds Max, V-ray, Substance 3D Painter and Photoshop.

This is also another incredible work, in the attention to detail, in the 3d modeling, in the shading of the lights, a really great job.

3# Third place is Abandoned Secrets by Evgeniy Shatohin

Made with 3ds Max, Corona Renderer and Photoshop.

The Otoy team’s special prize for the “Best Rendering Made Using OctaneRender” goes to “Inspection” by Juwon Seo.

The iRender team special award goes to Kareem Soliman’s “Military Warehouse of Robotics”.

The E-on Software Team Special Award for “Most Evocative Environment” goes to “Brave New World” by Jakub Sobiczewski.

The Nevercenter Special Team Prize Receives Glitch Black’s “The First Tree on Titan”.

The Chaos Corona team’s special award for “Best rendering using Corona Renderer” goes to “Journey to the Crimson Planet” by Ako Ghadermarzi.

The special prize of the InstaLOD team for the “Most Detailed Model” goes to “Hope in a Dystopian Future” by Filipe Reis.

We’d also like to point out other finalists’ work, which we can’t just ignore and scroll through.

“Mecha assembly plant” by Stanislav.

“Weight Of Thought – Maintenance Docking” by Victor Dimitrov.

This artwork  “Weight_Of_Thought” also falls into my favorites. The incredible attention to detail and the balance between warm and cool colors achieved by the artist make the look of this piece incredible and captivating. Congratulations this visual look is outstanding!

“Hellish Generator” by Mike Luard.

“Space railway” by Maxim Dobroshtan.

“The Oasis of Machinery” by Kolya Ogre.

“Gear Up its going to get bumpy” by Malchus.

Here all the works that competed:/challenges/scifi-industrial-zone-gallery/



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