Scattering with redshift by using a matrix object

Jonathan Winbush shows how you can use the latest Redshift along with C4D’s Matrix object to get better scattering results. The creation and rendering of the environment is all in the ability to spread the elements properly within our scene.

How to get a better scattering with redshift
by using a matrix object

In Cinema 4D there are some options to facilitate planar diffusion better known as scattering. Some of these are third-party functions such as Forester, but others are directly integrated with the software.

Using The Matrix to Scatter with REDSHIFT & CINEMA 4D

Jonathan Winbush shows us how working with Redshift, you can get a faster and more optimized scattering through the use of the Matrix object.

It all comes down to some of the latest features in the latest version of Redshift (v2.6.33).

According to Winbush “With the latest update from Redshift, we can now integrate the Mograph

Matrix module to even more efficiently distribute the elements in our scene”.

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