Developed by Creative Tools AB, the MazeTrace plugin connects the points of your objects with those closer, generating interesting and complex splines. The plugin contains two objects that can be found in plugins>
Maze Trace menu, Maze Trace and Point Generator. A generator that takes polygonal objects and connects the points in interesting ways (it is naively trying to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem by connecting each point with the nearest one).


Il plugin è stato compilato con l’R12 sdk e dovrebbe essere compatibile con C4D R12, R13 e R14. Tuttavia, è stato testato solo con C4D R14.


“MazeTrace” plugin for CINEMA 4D


Unzip the CINEMA / plugins / folder and restart CINEMA. After extraction the files (cinema4dsdk.cdl, cinema4dsdk.vcproj, etc.) must be in CINEMA / plugins / Trace Maze /.

>>> Download plugin MazeTrace Here >>>

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