Robot Internal look

Hi Guys, For all the fans and robot concept artists, here is a beautiful collection, check out this fantastic Retro Robot Internal look.

The internal aspect of a retro robot is a fascinating one, for all digital artists who want to approach the design of robotic mechanics, because it is a mixture of mechanical complexity and nostalgic charm of the 70s-80s and 90s.

Stepping into the metal shell reveals a world of gears, wires, and circuits, reminiscent of a bygone era of science fiction imagination, born of Japanese geniuses and then carried over to us in the West.

The heart of the retro robot lies in its mechanical components. Each gear and wheel serves a purpose, transferring power and motion throughout the robot’s body.

Brightly colored wires snake through the robot’s structure, connecting various components and carrying electrical impulses, creating early sci-fi looks. The wires are meticulously arranged, providing both structural support and efficient pathways for information transmission.

The circuit forms a fascinating network of interconnected paths, resembling an intricate maze of electronic signals. Miniature capacitors, resistors, and diodes line the circuit boards, each of which plays a crucial role in processing and controlling the robot’s functions.

Among the mechanical marvels, the retro robot’s power source can be found: a compact fusion reactor or a bank of vacuum tubes that emit a warm glow. This energy center supports the robot’s operations, providing the power necessary for its movements and functions.

As you delve deeper into the inner workings of the robot, you may discover a small control room with an array of buttons, levers, and gauges. This command center acts as an interface to control the robot’s actions, allowing for precise maneuvering and adjustments. The retro-futuristic control panel design exudes a sense of nostalgia, harking back to an era when science fiction inspired dreams of robotic companions.

The internal appearance of a robot combines the aesthetics of the past with the technology of the future. It’s a captivating blend of mechanical engineering, electrical ingenuity, and a touch of whimsical art that has its foundations in Japanese manga, contaminating the whole world of sci-fi. Entering this world evokes a sense of wonder, as one witnesses the inner workings that bring these timeless robots to life, making us feel like children again.


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