Watercolor render in Maya with MNPR

Now it’s possible to create a watercolour effect in Maya, with MNPR: A Framework for Real-Time Expressive Non-Photorealistic Rendering of 3D Computer Graphics. Incredible results in Maya using a watercolor rendered animation, creating an incredible visual style.

How to create a Maya Watercolor Render?

Understanding MNPR

Download Maya Watercolor Stylization

The Maya Watercolor Stylization is a direct stylization pipeline, which brings real-time watercolor rendering of 3D objects and animation directly within the Maya viewport.

The research will be presented at Expressive 2018 (17-19 August):

Web Site: http://artineering.io/projects/Maya-Watercolor/

Download Maya Watercolor Stylization:



Installing MNPR:

The watercolor stylization features:

  • Real-time watercolor rendering in the Maya viewport
  • State-of-the-Art watercolor stylization of 3D objects and animation
  • Tool palette to art-direct stylization with multiple levels of control
  • Quick rendering of high quality still frames and playblasts
  • Easy installation

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