Redshift Displacement Tutorial

One of the most interesting things in 3d is undoubtedly the use of displacement map on the objects, going to insert details to the aspect of the mesh of the objects in the scene.

Geometric displacement acts directly on the points of the polygon mesh, this type of displacement requires a high level of mesh tessellation to produce good results, so it could have the disadvantage of producing very heavy and difficult to manage models.

How to manage displacement in Redshift?

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to use displacement maps in Redshift, in Cinema 4D, the tutorial answers all the questions that arise around this technique in Redshift.

Redshift Displacement Explained. Quick and In-Depth Answers.

What is JSplacement free Hardsurface Generator?

JSplacement is a cross-platform pseudo-random 8K displacement map generator written in HTML and JavaScript and built on Electron.

You can Download JSplacement for free, it comes fully featured without ads or limitations.

    • A couple of tech-y displacement map generators.
    • 8192×8192 PNG output.
    • Custom sprite support! wow!
    • A generator for making a bunch of dots to use as alpha/lightmaps.
    • Colour map maker (with a few options. More to come soon!)
    • Normal map export too!
    • Nice UI! The best part of JSplacement, according to someone on Twitter!
    • The built-in digital guide to explain every single option!


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