How to Render 360 VR image in VRay for Maya

Hi Guys, in this video you can learn how to create the 360 VR video in Maya with Vray, tutorial by Carlos Alvarez Velazquez. The VR is part of the fastest growing sectors, from “niche” technology, it should become an increasingly important and independent economic and commercial sector.No longer is stereoscopic 3D and device-navigated 360 videos for high-end systems with VR Youtube, VR Facebook and VR Vimeo all supporting the platform.
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How to Render 360 VR images and Animations
with VRay for Maya to Facebook & Youtube?

Tutorial 360 Panorama Monoscopic & Virtual Reality 360 Esteroscopic rendered with VRay Next for Maya to Youtube, Facebook and VR viewers online with static images as professional animations.

Render 360 VR in VRay for Maya Tutorial

Final result VIDEO in 360º + Virtual Reality

Video in 360 + Virtual Reality of the 360 VR Tutorial with VRay for Maya – Use VR Glasses to improve the experience.

Links from google Answers Upload videos in 360º or VR :……

Visors VR Trials / Demos for see your renders in Cube Map or Spherical Map Monoscopics or Stereoscopics


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