Realistic Eyes in Blender + Free Project

Hi guys, don’t miss this realistic 3d eye asset made with procedural shaders in Blender. The resource is free and is complete with a nodal set-up for the management of the 3d eye, consisting of different structures such as the cornea, iris, pupil, retina, and the management of both internal and external color by modifying the veins eye.

This model is made available for download by Blender artist Amin Missaoui on his Gumroad channel for free with a free donation on the price.
The 3d eye model was created using a fully procedural shader in Blender with a CC0 license.

Realistic Eyes in Blender + Free Download

Download Realistic Eyes in Blender Project

Why use procedural texture in Blender?

A procedural shader in Blender is a texture created using a mathematical description as a cellular algorithm. The advantage of this approach is unlimited texture resolution and easy texture mapping using low storage.

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