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This is the time of the real-time render, Unity is at the forefront of this technology, demonstrating this once again with a short movie project ‘The Heretic‘ the real-time power of Unity engine.

Showing the opportunity to artists and companies working in the cinema industry to work in real time for complex scenes like the short movie.

The Heretic: Unity GDC 2019 reveal

This technology born for video games now Unity team shows us other possibilities of development, like Cinematography industry.
Enjoy Guys!

The Heretic is lit entirely by real-time lights.

Unity’s award-winning Demo team, the creators of Adam and Book of the Dead, is working on a new short film called The Heretic. It’s a real-time cinematic running at 30 fps at 1440p on a consumer-class desktop PC.

The Heretic is lit entirely by real-time lights. This meant super fast iteration for the artists while maintaining a high-quality bar and performance.

The Demo team is working on a probe-based lighting solution to solve use cases currently not covered. A first iteration of the new system solution was applied in the Megacity demo and is being extended for the full version of The Heretic.

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For more information on The Heretic, visit: https://on.unity.com/2WbSYJQ
Look forward to the release of the full short film soon.

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