RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY Short Film Showcase 2

The anticipated annual event for horror enthusiasts has finally arrived: FrightFest 2023 has opened its doors for a spectacular celebration of heart-pounding cinema. This film festival, exclusively dedicated to the horror genre, provides a comprehensive overview of the latest creations, from psychological thrillers to bloody slashers and everything in between.

The 3DArt and Null.film team is proud to announce that “RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY” will receive its world premiere at FrightFest 2023 in London, United Kingdom, on Saturday, August 26th, at Cineworld Leicester Square.

FrightFest is not just a series of film screenings, but a shared experience among genre enthusiasts. Meetings with directors, actors, and filmmakers provide a behind-the-scenes look and enrich the understanding of the presented films. The tangible energy and enthusiasm of the crowd contribute to making the festival a place where one can share their love for horror, discuss the latest trends, and create lasting memories.

Ultimately, FrightFest 2023 represents a unique opportunity for horror lovers to immerse themselves in a world of intense emotions and unforgettable thrills. As the festival comes to a close, it leaves behind a trail of emotions, passionate discussions, and the promise of another year of cinematic horrors to eagerly anticipate.

“RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY” will premiere at the London FrightFest as part of the festival’s Short Film Showcase 2.

A blend of Italian horror cinema tradition and true experimental filmmaking, entirely shot in London, “RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY” is written by Thalia Kent-Egan, produced by Sebastiano Pupino and Emanuele Serra, and directed by Sebastiano Pupino.

Short Film Showcase 2 – Sat, August 26 – 10:30 AM – Cineworld Leicester Square – tickets still available here: ORDER TICKETS

Haunted by peculiar visions and nightmares, Clari (Carolina Lopes) receives a mysterious phone call from a long-lost friend, revealing a dark secret from their past.

Director and producer Sebastiano Pupino states:

“We are thrilled to present ‘Rain, Rain, Go Away’ in its world premiere at London’s FrightFest. We’ve always wanted to create a horror short film and blend VFX with practical special effects as was done in the horror genre. As soon as we read Thalia’s script, we were immediately struck – Clari’s struggle with her trauma was the right story to tell. With every film we make, our goal is to experiment and take a step forward in our filmmaker journey. With ‘Rain, Rain, Go Away,’ we hope to give the audience the same amount of excitement and awe that we felt while making it.”


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