Hi 3D Artist, today we are sharing this helper tools free scripts for Cinema 4D released by Lasse Lauch, Marc Pearson, Noah Witchell, Andy Runyon, Can Erduman, and Andrew Noske and just packaged them up.

R-Scripts Collection is different tools to help you the work in Cinema 4D easly, R-Scripts Collection
is tested and working with Cinema 4D R21, S22, R23.

Here are the links to the original scripts here in this thread if people want to go directly to the developer sites:








How to install R-Scripts Collection:

First extract the Folder of the Zip-File to:

-Scripts: Your C4D-Installation-Folder/library/scripts.
-Layout: Your C4D-Installation-Folder/library/layout
– After restart, go to Window -> Customization -> Customize Commands

After installed the scripts, let’s start with this tutorial, how to use the R-Scripts Collection?
Super handy workflow helper tools for Cinema 4D! Enjoy it!


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