Landmarks of the human body

For every artist it is essential to know the human anatomy, for this reason also in 3d it is fundamental as in classical techniques, to have a careful eye and a manual ability in drawing, recognizing the strengths of our image or our characters. Before moving on to applying structure and proportion to our characters we need to learn the reference points of the body.

Punti di riferimento del corpo umano_anatomia

Modeling, sculpting the human body was one of the biggest challenges for every 3d artist, to help us we observe the anatomy and start from the reference points that give us clues for gestures and proportions. These points are bony areas that show up on the surface. Bones are great landmarks because they don’t change much between different body types. The skeletal structure of a lean, muscular and overweight person remains roughly the same, with some variation. It is the muscle tissue and the fat that show the greatest changes.

Let’s start with landmarks such as the navel and nipples to measure distances and angles remembering that these points vary much more between body types.

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Draw the human anatomy

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