Metz Mecalight L1000 BC



  • Excellent quality product and reliable material
  • Brand: Metz
  • Product designed for both enthusiasts and professionals
  • From 2800 to 5700 Kelvin

Strong luminous power – smart controlled.

As of now, with Metz mecalight, the intelligent LED video lights, photo and video fans illuminate perfectly every scene. The new high-performance SMD-LED video light L1000 BC is equipped with a unique lens concept, that offers a high and constant illuminance of 1000 Lux despite pretty compact measurements.

The special set-up of the LEDs ensures an optimal colour rendering without colour casts and reduces multiple shadows substantially.
Due to the division in white and warm white LEDs, the video lights are bi-color able. Thus the color temperature can be adjusted continuously from 2800 – 5700 Kelvin to choose the lighting mood according to your requirements.

Unboxing | Metz mecalight L1000 BC X

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