Procedural system with Shpr in After Effects

Hi Animator, today we are sharing this interesting plug-in on 3DArt, Shpr for After Effects, a tool that will help you create complex graphic structures, modular and procedural system animations in After Effects in few seconds.

How to create a modular and procedural system animation in After Effects?

Shpr 1.01 is a revolutionary modular and procedural system for After-Effects that unlocks a whole new world of vector design and animation. Powered by fully customizable animation drivers, you can now use RESHAPE, CONNECT, BEVEL, and 8 other modules that automatically animate to the beat.

Forget everything you thought you knew about shape layers, Shpr truly opens a window to endless possibilities and hours of fun.

Procedural system with Shpr in After Effects

shpr tutorial: Creating Webs

shpr tutorial: Sequence (create delayed motions in seconds)

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