Procedural Rainy window shader in Blender + Free Project

Hi guys, if you need to recreate a rain on the windows with drops animated procedurally, this free resource is perfect for you. Procedural Rainy window shader for Blender is by the 3D artist Amin Missaoui.

You can download the Blender procedural rain node-group, you can use this for your work (commercial too), you can not share/sell the individual node-group.

Procedural Rainy window shader in Blender + Free Project

Download Procedural Rainy shader + Free Project

What is procedural texture in Blender?

A procedural shader in Blender is a texture created using a mathematical description as a cellular random algorithm. The advantage of this approach is unlimited texture resolution and easy texture mapping using low storage.

Usually, the natural look of the rendered result is achieved by the usage of fractal noise and turbulence functions “randomness”.

These kinds of textures are often used to model surface or volumetric representations of natural elements such as wood, marble, granite, metal, stone, and others.



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