Playfulness in Digital Education, Art and the Metaverse

We share on 3DArt this talk, made at the Arts University of Vienna with one of the artists I love the most, Tobias Gremmler, a true genius of digital art and digital performances in virtual reality.

In the talk, he speaks about his teaching philosophy, the coherence between real and virtual experiences, and future visions of the Metaverse, virtual architecture, and digital incarnation. And most importantly: the creative playfulness in all of this.
The conference was streamed at the “Virtu (Re) al Playgrounds” symposium, hosted by the Peter Weibel Research Institute for Digital Culture, University of Applied Arts Vienna

TALK: Playfulness in digital Education, Art and the Metaverse.

00:00 Playful learning
02:32 Exploratory research
06:10 Artistic practice
08:16 Visions of virtual worlds

Fashion Visuals with 3D Scanned Models

Fabric and skin are translated into a digital mesh that acts as a dynamic membrane between the body and the surrounding space. Like fashion, it constructs/deconstructs identity and becomes a media that propagates information in form of textures, patterns, and shapes. The work visualizes these underlying forces in form of threads weaving together and tearing apart fragments of cloth and skin. Exhibited as scenographic media installation at Osage Gallery during HK|Runway 2017.

Björk, Losss (music video)

Don’t miss Tobias Gremmler’s book.

Creative Education and Dynamic Media

The book provides guidelines and practical creative exercises which equip creative-major students in early semesters as well as creative practitioners with fundamental knowledge on creation methods.

The combination of functionality, simplicity, and aesthetics in modern design is considered a fundamental design principle in the Bauhaus School in Germany, and, inspired by the School, the creative handcrafting exercises and the concepts introduced in this book are primarily coherent with this principle.
The book draws a direction between two and three-dimensional material-based design and the modern digital creation process.

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