Particles Effects in Nuke Tutorial Series

Hey VFX artists, let’s start the week whit this new Nuke tutorial, Compositing Academy shared an interesting series of tutorials, on how to create particle effects and light effects, on the actor’s face in digital compositing in Nuke.

This video covers the practical effects, lighting, and a general overview of the script and process involved in this shot. The tutorial is divided the Nuke lessons into 3 different video tutorials, this week we have the first episode,  we’ll go through digital compositing in Nuke, practical clay, lighting in Nuke, how to manage the project assets, and the overview of the scripts in Nuke.

Nuke Tutorial Series (Practical SFX, Lighting, Script Overview) (1/3)

Nuke Tutorial Series (CRACKS, Keentools, Smartvectors) (2/3)

Nuke Tutorial Series (Flow Paths, FX Integration, Design) (3/3)

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