Particles and trails animation XParticles tutorial

Hey 3D Artist, today let’s create this incredible motion particles effect in X Particles in Cinema 4D. In this tutorial released by BlackMadShark, we’ll learn how to take control of the flow of your particles and trails using xpFlowField.

How to use xpFlowField in XParticles?

Also, we’ll show you some tricks with Questions & Actions. Learn how the texture can be used to evenly distribute particles and trails, and how to use Octane Render in this scene.

A flow field is an area of 3D space divided up into a grid of smaller cubes or cells. Each cell contains a parameter which is a velocity vector – that is, a direction and speed of movement. When a particle enters a cell, its direction is transformed to match that of the vector in the cell.

As it moves through the field it will enter other cells containing velocity vectors that change its movement again. This will continue until the particle leaves the field.

  • Click here for more info about xpFlowField: /flowfield/
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