Paperman making of

The last short produced by Walt Disney Studio: Paperman

Directed by: John Kahrs
Written by: Clio Chiang
Production company: Walt Disney Pictures
Cast: John Kahrs, Kari Wahlgren

Paperman, a short film in black and white in the style of the fifties, even if “old style” brings in itself a new animation technique, which allows to blend classic 2d techniques with the most innovative 3d technologies, thus creating a unique effect of the volumes that take depth, thanks to the use of the Meander program.


The boundary between 2D and 3D is slowly melting.

This is an innovative and technological aspect of the techniques that were created and used in the animated short film, “Paperman”.
The technological clash between the two worlds 2d and 3d will continue without a doubt, but Paperman will break into new ground, combining the two worlds. The style of Paperman is fantastic, it combines characters and backgrounds made in CG, keeping in itself the classic style of hand drawing and the classic animation, the movement of the characters realized through the motion vectors, of a 2D drawing inserted in a skeleton , with motion controls.


Unfortunately, the video does not have audio, but it is still possible to understand the work done behind the various frames.
Director John Kahrs talks about lost coincidences:

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