Painting with Pyro in C4D

Pyro is the novelty from Maxon, a simulation tool in the new Cinema 4D 2023.1 version, in this tutorial made by Elizabeth Steinberg, we’re going to see how to use this tool to create incredible effects by simulating the painting effect in the 3d scene.

How to create a liquid ink effect in Pyro?

Let’s create some colorful ink, and liquid effects using Pyro and the volume builder mesher. In the tutorial, the author will also show us how to get the smoke color data via the color tab of the vertex color tab, and render it in Redshift.

Argomenti Trattati nel tutorial:

    • 00:00 Intro
    • 00:34 Part1
    • 01:41 Render Settings
    • 06:10 Create brush tip
    • 10:30 Adding Pyro
    • 12:17 Pyro Tag Settings
    • 13:14 Global Pyro Settings
    • 14:34 Adding Gravity
    • 18:00 Adding Color
    • 20:58 Pyro Shader Settings
    • 23:50 Part2, Adding Volume Mesher
    • 25:40 Adding Vertex Color Filed
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